22 Sep 2014

Parent volunteers

Submitted by Michelle

I just wanted to also give everyone a heads up and a call out for Parent helpers in the classroom.  I have some dates in October and November that I will need a parent helper to assist either myself or Miss Alison in the classroom.  If you are interested and can help that day in your child's class it would be greatly appreicated.  I will need parent helpers in both 4 year old classes on October 10th to assist with Miss Alison.  I am having dental surgery on the 9th and it was advised by the dentist to take it easy the day after surgery.  Miss Alison is taking a vacation with her family in N

22 Sep 2014

September News

Submitted by Michelle

What a great two weeks we've had so far!  Kids are doing exceptional well and everyone seems to making new friends and enjoying each other's company.  We sadly lost two of our students in the 4 year old afternoon class so we are down to 7 kids in that class as well so if you know of anyone who is looking for a preschool we are still accepting students in all of our classes.

27 Aug 2014

Welcome to our new preschool website!  We are finally up and running with our preschool website.  In addition to the parent newsletters and updates on preschool happenings, I hope to also put that information on this website to keep you informed and connected to our activites.  I'll be able to let you know of events and any fun little classroom tibits as well as post a few fun pictures of the kids in action (still working on that feature but we hope to have it going). 

23 Sep 2013

September 22, 2013 Update

Submitted by glpreschooladmin

Dear Parents,

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  I spent my Saturday at BTC in an Early Learning Child seminar on the David Matteson writing and reading methods.  It was very informative and I'm really excited to try the new things I learned with the classes this year.  It was great to learn that all Whatcom county primary schools will be using his techniques and preschools are highly encouraged to get on board with the program as well. 


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